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Thank you for your prayers of support. The new applications have been coming in steadily. We now have 21 students in our new English-language leadership program. The countries represented are: Albania, Ghana, Guyana, India, Nigeria, the Philippines, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, and Uruguay.  We are excited to have these brothers and sisters join us.

Getting the Word Out

Getting the Word Out

Just sent out an email to our list of churches. I am glad that the apostles didn’t have to worry about spam filters… Here is what was sent:

Brothers and Sisters,

Since 1993, Western Bible Institute has been working to strengthen the Kingdom by providing free training in Christian leadership. We recently started offering online leadership training courses in English and Spanish.

Through our network of websites we offer free Bible courses with a focus on Christian leadership to members of the churches of Christ. We design our courses to be used by people with different educational backgrounds. We have doctors in our programs as well as those with little or no formal education. Courses are self-paced and help is available to those who need assistance or guidance during their studies.

If anyone in your congregation (brother or sister) or other congregation in your area has a desire to study the Word with us online and grow their leadership skills, please share this message with them. All of our courses are available free-of-charge at the nearest Internet access point; it is not necessary for students to move or travel to a central campus.

Our English-language website is Our Spanish-language website is

Along with this email I am attaching a colorful flier that shows WBI students at our campus in Guatemala and provides a brief summary of our work.

In Christian Love,

William Lambert
Associate Director of English Studies
Western Bible Institute

WBI Flier PDF Document

What We Do

What We Do

WBI strives to meet a need that often goes unmet: access to Christian leadership education for those who are unable to uproot themselves to attend a school of preaching or similar institution. Our online programs allow established individuals an opportunity to enhance their ability to strengthen their local congregation. Here is a snippet from an email I recently received from a brother in India. It is a great example of how our programs are able to reach those who are already established in an area and active in their local church.

“From the beginning, I mean the day of my Baptism I am doing Lord’s Work without any financial support from any congregation or any other person in India or Abroad. […] I have commenced a Special Bible class in our Place. I have been conducting a Bible Class on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday in the Evening 8.00 pm. to 9.30 pm. Six Brothers and a Sister are Studying in my Class. […] Brother I did not study bible in a Regular Bible School or College. I am taking class by my many years of working Experience in the Lord’s Church. Now I am studying many Articles and books for my Lesson Preparation.
So, I want to study more about the word of God. I believe that your courses and your guidance will be very helpful to my spiritual growth and my students. I am teaching lessons in our mother tongue Tamil. I would like to translate it into English soon”.

This man is now studying with WBI. Through his efforts the Gospel is being shared in his local tongue, and by the grace of God WBI is privileged to share in this brother’s work.

If your congregation would be interested in supporting our work, please let us know. Also, if you would like to support what we are doing through your Facebook network, please ‘Like‘ our page so that we get exposed to more people.

Up and Running!

Up and Running!

The English site for WBI is now up and running largely thanks to William Lambert, our new Associate Director of English Studies.  Even though I hope to make several additions to the website and William has more database work to do, it is now possible for students to begin studying.

There are two separate online classroom sites. One of these sites is for leaders and members of the churches of Christ. The other is for all other interested contacts. We hope this second site will serve as an evangelistic tool as well as provide basic biblical knowledge.

The courses available for both church leaders and members within the churches of Christ are the same through the first 20 courses. After that time, in the graduate program, we only offer courses to leaders. One of the exciting things we are doing with the English site is to provide each new student with a teacher. In most cases these teachers will be returned missionaries or those involved in fulltime ministry or retired from such work. They will be responsible for keeping the students motivated, answering their questions concerning course content, and also have the opportunity to share other materials with their students, especially supplementary materials for the courses being studied.

One of our primary needs at the moment is to get the word out about the availability of the English program, particularly to those living outside the U.S. Although we will gladly accept students living here, there are many other resources available here that are not available in many parts of the world. Please let anyone you know (especially those who are working outside the U.S) aware that this program is available and free-of-charge.

Our second urgent need is to find full support for William Lambert to help in this effort. In order for the program to function as it needs to and to reach out across the world to the great numbers of potential students, we need the technical expertise that William can and has provided. Let us know if your congregation might be interested in helping out. We can provide much more detail about job description, etc.

Student Population Update

Student Population Update


We are excited to announce that our enrolled student population has surpassed 300!  We now have over 150 brothers and sisters enrolled in the leadership training program and 160 individuals from our global community enrolled in evangelistic Bible study courses.

Thank you for your continued support of WBI!  Please continue to keep our ministry in your prayers.