Getting the Word Out

Getting the Word Out

Just sent out an email to our list of churches. I am glad that the apostles didn’t have to worry about spam filters… Here is what was sent:

Brothers and Sisters,

Since 1993, Western Bible Institute has been working to strengthen the Kingdom by providing free training in Christian leadership. We recently started offering online leadership training courses in English and Spanish.

Through our network of websites we offer free Bible courses with a focus on Christian leadership to members of the churches of Christ. We design our courses to be used by people with different educational backgrounds. We have doctors in our programs as well as those with little or no formal education. Courses are self-paced and help is available to those who need assistance or guidance during their studies.

If anyone in your congregation (brother or sister) or other congregation in your area has a desire to study the Word with us online and grow their leadership skills, please share this message with them. All of our courses are available free-of-charge at the nearest Internet access point; it is not necessary for students to move or travel to a central campus.

Our English-language website is Our Spanish-language website is

Along with this email I am attaching a colorful flier that shows WBI students at our campus in Guatemala and provides a brief summary of our work.

In Christian Love,

William Lambert
Associate Director of English Studies
Western Bible Institute

WBI Flier PDF Document

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